Dox & Shun Notice #2

Katherine Forrest Mug Shot

Katherine B. Forrest

Abductee processor and receiver of stolen property for “US Government” gang, New York chapter

Forrest’s role is to give “color of law” to the gang’s numerous and diverse criminal schemes, including but not limited to abductions and specialized (e.g. non-tax) thefts. Primary operator in the abduction of, persecution of and stated intent to hold for life, political prisoner Ross Ulbricht and the theft of millions of US dollars’ worth of Bitcoin digital currency from the Silk Road marketplace.

Consider armed and dangerous. Do not approach. Ostracize, shun, refuse association or service. Research and submit information on subject in comment thread to this post.

Downloadable flyer for public posting and dissemination (right-click and “save as”):

Dox & Shun Notice -- Forrest


D&S Project #1: The Silk Road Perps

On or about October 2nd, 2013, an organized criminal gang seized Silk Road, an online marketplace. By “seized,” we mean the following:

  • The gang stole control of Silk Road‘s domain name.
  • The gang stole control of Silk Road‘s servers.
  • The gang stole approximately 3.5 million US dollars worth of Bitcoins (a digital currency) stored on Silk Road‘s servers.
  • The gang attempted, and continues to attempt — so far unsuccessfully, as the target wealth is encrypted — to steal another approximately 80 million US dollars in Bitcoins.
  • The gang abducted one Ross Ulbricht, alleged by the gang to have been the operator of Silk Road, aka “Dread Pirate Roberts.”
  • The gang has conducted subsequent/subsidiary abductions of alleged Silk Road users in the US, the UK and Sweden.

At least some perpetrators of these crimes are identifiable to the extent that they have openly, publicly and voluntarily identified themselves and admitted to their actions in court documents and/or newspaper articles relating to their crimes. The list of known/confirmed perpetrators is as follows:

List as of 10/08/13

In the United States

Assistant US Attorney Serrin Turner
FBI Special Agent Christopher Tarbell
US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara
IRS Special Agent Gary L. Alford
US Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein
As yet unidentified members of the Grand Jury for the District of Maryland
Assistant US Attorney Justin Shibayama Herring
US Attorney for the Northern District of California Melinda Haag
Criminal Division Chief, Northern District of California J. Douglas Wilson
Assistant US Attorney Randy Luskey
DHS/ICE Special Agent Christopher Armstrong
US Postal Service Inspector [First Name Unkown] Willyerd

In the United Kingdom

National Crime Agency Director Keith Bristow
National Crime Agency National Cyber Crime Unit head Andy Archibald

In Sweden

Malmo International Public Prosecution Office prosecutor Stefan Gradler

Names will be added to the forgoing list as more information becomes available.  Where a Wikipedia article on the perpetrator exists, that article will be linked from the perpetrator’s name. As doxing info is amassed/aggregated, the list will be expanded from mere names to summary paragraphs incorporating that info.

We urge all interested persons to be on the watch for these evildoers, to consider them — on the basis of their openly, publicly and voluntarily admitted actions — to be armed and dangerous, to avoid direct contact with them, but to take such non-force-initiating actions with respect to them as seem likely to accomplish their ostracism and isolation from society until such time as they renounce their lives of crime and make restitution to their victims.